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Early Pick Up Procedure

Parent/guardian(s) should enter the early pick up in the Campus Portal as stated on the Report an Absence page.

If you choose to pick your student up after 2:30, you are risking being late for your appointment as it is difficult to navigate the parking lot at this time of day.

If someone other than a parent is picking the student up, put that in the notes. As well as any other relevant information we may need.

A pass will be written for your student to leave class early. They can pick their pass up in the reception office before school. If it is not picked up, it will be delivered. 

Meet your student in the reception office.

Last minute pick ups should be ONLY for emergencies. 

Vacations, sports and scheduled appointments should be put in the Campus portal ahead of time.

Parents should not be entering pick-ups for students who are not feeling well. If a student is not feeling well, they should visit the Health Office and together your student and the health office staff will call you to make a plan for staying at school or getting picked up.