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Cell Phone Policy

Rogers Middle School - Cell Phone Expectations

RMS strives to create a safe environment that is academic focused. RMS will be implementing “No Cell Phone Expectations” for all grade levels (5-8). We recognize that cell phones become a distraction in the learning environment and our ultimate goal is to allow students to engage with their peers and curriculum with minimal disruptions to their learning environment as possible. 


  • Students will leave their phones in their lockers or at home during the school day (8:10 - 2:55), this will include lunch periods and passing times. 

    • “From Bell to Bell - No Cell”

    • This will include cell phones and wireless headphones.

    • Smart Watches - At this time, the policy will not include smart watches. If the watch becomes a distraction to the learning environment, school staff will follow our handbook guidelines to address the concern.

    • Medical Needs - Pertinent school staff will be notified of a student’s documented medical plan and need for use of their device for medical reasons.

  • Students who currently use a cell phone for their lunch barcodes are provided a student ID with their barcode, a new barcode each quarter on their pass pages and have access to printing new barcodes in the Media Center via Campus Portal. 

  • The school will follow our handbook policy on cell phones for infractions.

Process for Infractions:

  1. Infraction #1: Remind students of expectations to leave phones in lockers. 
    • Directing students to go put their phone away in their locker.
    • Student will return to the classroom.
  2. Infraction #2: Staff member will remind the student of the cell phone expectations and ask the student to bring the phone to the office.
    1. Student walks phone to the office.
      • The office staff will secure the device and label it with the student’s name. 
      • Device will be returned to the student upon the student coming to the office at the end of the school day.
  3. Infraction #3: Staff member will remind the student of the cell phone expectations. Staff member will ask student to bring the phone to the office. The office will call parents/guardians to pick up the phone at their convenience.
    • Student walks phone to the office.
    • Parent/guardian picks up phone at the end of the day or at their convenience. 
  4. Infraction #4 and Beyond: Additional infractions will result in administration making a cell phone plan with the student and their parents/guardians.

Health Office:

  • School staff will notify parents/guardians if their student needs to be picked up due to a health related concern

    • If students are contacting parents/guardians via phone or email, please direct them to the health office

  • If students skip the health office by texting or emailing, this will warrant a technology infraction and may be marked as an unexcused absence